love – Patience – Tolerance

Loving being dad

There was a time that I never pictured myself as being a dad. I was a train wreck waiting to happen. I feared the responsibility and my own damage being passed on.

It took getting sober before I had the conversation about the possibility of being a biological father and even then I was unsure. I still feared the idea of raising a child from birth.

In getting sober I found faith and a new perspective on life. An altruistic spirit replaced on of anger and fear and the more I enjoyed being a step dad to Frankie the more the idea of having a child with Stacey grew on me.

There were several false positive tests before the triplets came along and each time I felt excitement and purpose.

Now, as a dad to four daughters my life has taken on a new meaning. It’s a job I love and wouldn’t change my situation for anything. I love being a dad, it’s a tough job but with patience and tolerance and the love of a good woman it’s a path I am proud to be walking.

Without the damaging effects of alcohol and with meditation as a way of life my priorities are clear. To raise my daughters in a spirit of love. They are growing into confident little girls with the absence of anger under our roof.

It’s an amazing experience to discover a purpose in life. No matter what happens I will always be a parent. With the responsibility of raising my family the best I can. I love the hugs, their little moments of triumph and the love I see in all of them.

I’m a blessed man. And with God’s grace at the centre of my life I have all I need to grow spiritually as a father and husband. And there is no other path I would want to be walking.

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