love – Patience – Tolerance

New day’s are dawning

The last year has been a test of patience. The days have just blurred into one another. It’s been a case of dealing with work and home-life and nothing else. No trips out and nowhere to go under the guidelines of a national lockdown here in the UK.

But it seems now that restrictions are slowly lifting that we are getting our lives back. Last weekend we took the triplets swimming and followed it with a picnic in the park. It was nothing special but to us it was a step back into normality and personal freedom. And my daughters loved it. We all did.

Staying in has taken it’s toll on us

We are now looking forward to trips out as the warmer weather settles in. Up until now the park has been their only real freedom. Bordem has caused tension and tantrums and it’s a relief to know that we can now do the little thing’s that we used to take for granted.

It’s taken a mental toll on all of us as a family. Imagine the stress of dealing with three toddler’s day in day out. Frankie has also felt the tension of not being able to go out and visit her friends. It’s a crucial time for all of them to be socialising. And now freedom is returning to our lives. And it feels good.

We have had to learn to get along in a stressful situation. All families have been put to the test over the last months of lockdown. Sadly many families have split up under the pressure of isolation but also families have strengthened as a result of being forced to survive under pressure.

I feel blessed to have the family I have. We have worked together to stay together through a difficult time. I hope you have managed to survive lockdown and are now emerging stronger for the experience of this pandemic.

Love has kept us together. Patience and tolerance has been the glue.

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