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Spiritual health

We talk a lot about physical and mental health. Both are equally important to me as a father and a husband. My physical health so I can provide for my family and my mental health to deal with the pressures of fatherhood.

But there is an element to our wellbeing that men and women rarely discuss. And that is spiritual health.

I have my work cut out for me as a triplet dad with a chronic pain condition, and the pressure’s of daily life have got to me over the last few years. But I have had one consistent practice through the ups and downs I have faced. Meditation.

I have discovered in my years of practicing non contemplative meditation that my spiritual health is in direct proportion to my mental health. The way I respond to stress and pressure has to come from a place of conscious awareness.

The solution to a crushed spirit is light

When I am lost in thoughts and reacting emotionally I become prone to deppresion. I can get overwhelmed with negative thinking and my spirit gets crushed. My natural ability to discern gets clouded, and when this happens wrong becomes right and up becomes down. I lose sight of my purpose in life and as a result my mental health takes a hit.

No man can continue successfully on a path of resentment and anxiety. We have families to support and relationships under our roofs that require us to be stable and present. If we don’t take care of our spiritual health we suffer. It’s that simple. And it’s just as simple to resolve.

Just 15 minutes, first thing in the morning and last thing at night is enough for this powerful meditation exercise to work. It expels resentment energy and replaces it with light. It’s a life changing metaphysical practice that renews the spirit and clears the body of negative debris. It brings the practitioner to a new place of conscious awareness, and as a result provides a real protection against the stress and pressures of life.

Once we take care of our spiritual health we straighten out mentally. Without suppressed negative energy wreaking havoc under the surface we discover a freedom that allows us to be present and awake from moment to moment. Life renews and we become the men and women our families need.

4 responses to “Spiritual health”

  1. Meditation for me is clearing my mind of thoughts,and trying to get my complete being into a peaceful and tranquil state of being, and with my brain it can take a while..

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    1. This particular exersise is about observing thoughts without struggling or suppressing them which is great for me as my thoughts never switch off. I have practiced many types of meditation but this one is unlike any other. It’s a game changer when it comes to dealing with stress


  2. This meditation was the start for my spiritual health and it changed my life!
    I had never struggled in my whole life as in the last two years and a half. Everything started since we moved out of our Country as Expats due to my job and where my trips were born. When we were repatriated I was so excited to come back with many good and high expectations, but everything was negative and got so dissapointed with many people, friends and some family members. I felt alone and had no one to vent. Also my new boss just made my job like a hell (I used to love my job) and I hated it. My dad whom I loved a lot, passed away. Hostile marriage, almost got divorced, started to have a drinking problem, money problems and debts started to arise … so I just got burned and ended with anxiety attacks that I had never experienced, became aggressive, unhappy and with negative thoughts constantly, a hate and rage feeling of myself, my marriage, life, many people. And the pandemic as a “plus” …
    I just wanted to give up and run away from everything and everyone.
    After several psycological and psychiatric therapies and treatments, I started with this meditation and I finally felt a difference. So I dig more and more until I found out that THIS is the best for me, and nothing but connecting with myself was the best help I could get.
    So I have been meditating in the last 4 months and also been in alternative therapy.
    Magic happened.
    I feel love, I feel good and possitive. Got a new job with a promotion. About to start up my own Company and to lead an Association. Friends are coming back. Family is closer. My marriage is recovering.
    This meditation connected me with the Universe and the supreme being.
    I am so grateful for that.
    I am also a triplet dad and finding you Si was a blessing. Thank you thank you thank you for sharing this with the dad community !!
    Hope you like my testimony.

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    1. Thank you for sharing. A powerful example of what such a simple practice can do.
      I have received so many blessings since finding this meditation 7 years ago, too many to mention. But above it all I have been given the power to master resentment. To deal with the pressure’s of life without effort.

      Blessings to you and your family. May you continue on the path of consciousness.


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