Most of us have suffered with lockdown. For us the hardest thing was being stuck in with the triplets. With everything apart from the supermarket being open and unable to travel it made it a hard winter.

But with daylight savings and the first bit of warm weather the girls can finally get out to play in the garden. It may only be a little thing but it has made a huge difference to the girls, and to us. It’s brought a break from the monotonous routine of being stuck in the house.

Super chilled

It looks set that we are to have run of decent weather. It means we can enjoy local walks and make the most of the little garden we have. Lockdown bought a certain fatigue about it. It’s been especially hard on the girls over winter.

Thankfully they have been going to school 3 morning’s a week which has given Stacey a much needed break. But it has still been tough being unable to travel anywhere to enjoy their day’s off. Going to the supermarket shopping has been the only real outing for them.

Ice lollies in the shade

We are praying that with restrictions lifting that this summer will resemble a bit of the normality and freedom we are used to. We want to take the girls for trips out to the beach, and just make the most of the better weather. There is so much we want to do with them now they are at an age that they enjoy a day trip out.

So let’s hope the ease on restrictions doesn’t create any further lockdowns going forward. Let’s hope this will be a summer of making memories after such a bizarre year.


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