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Being dad

Being a dad is a varied job. From refereeing the kids to being the family mediator there is a lot involved behind the scenes. Sometimes we may feel overlooked in our roles but one thing is for sure. Our strength is needed.

Most of us feel the pressure from time to time between work and home-life. But most of us do what needs to be done without complaint. Supporting our wives and partners so that they are less stressed in dealing with the dynamics under our roofs.

I went into fatherhood with a conscious mindset. I knew it was going to be my job to remain emotionally neutral. In that I mean I knew it was down to me to bring a sense of stability to my home. During the pregnancy my wife went through the emotional wringer as her hormones raged. I had to keep my cool.

And nothing has changed. It is still my job to bring stability to a highly stressful home-life. I don’t experience the same emotional storms as my wife. Men and women are different in that sense so it falls on me to be consistent in myself. I wouldn’t be much use if was in and out of anxiety and resentment everyday.

As men we have to be the rock. To raise our families with patience love and discipline. We can not afford to resent the cards we’ve been dealt. I speak to many men who struggle in this respect. Their emotions get the best of them under the pressure of fatherhood.

It’s usually a relentless routine that drags men under. The change in lifestyle can be drastic in itself. But if met with a conscious mindset becoming a father becomes the job we were put on this earth for.

If you are feeling the pressure and are open to experiencing life consciously, i will leave the link to a free meditation exersise that has helped me be the dad my family needs.

Non-Contemplative Meditation™

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