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The testing triplets

It was never going to be a smooth ride, we knew this from the start. But lately home life has become more trying.

Ava Blakely and lacey have become quite a force. I imagine one toddler could be a handful but three is insane at times. Especially because they bounce off each other. They are demanding and relentless in their energy.

Thankfully Stacey gets a break while they’re at school 3 mornings a week. And I get to go to work 4 mornings a week. So it’s not all bad. We do get some rest bite from them.

They are developing fast right now. Their speech is improving as the weeks go by and their personalities shine. They love school, especially the new songs they are learning. They enjoy singing and regularly put on little shows for us with their toy guitars.

Blakely helping out

Ava is still the boss. She is also the most helpful and doesn’t like getting into trouble. She is developing a strong sense of right and wrong. Unlike the other pair!

Lacey loves to wind her sisters up in anyway she can. She’s frequents the naughty corner regularly and is the least likely to get involved at cleaning up time. But she is also super sweet and a total daddy’s girl. She can usually be heard singing Christmas songs at the top of her lungs.

Blakely is a real sweet pea at the moment. She likes to do her own thing and is still a little behind with her speech. She loves helping me out in the kitchen and loves a cuddle, as they all do. All three are hooked on the Frozen movie at the moment. We thought we were done with ‘let it go’ after Frankies obsession a few years back but it seems were back into it full tilt.

So it’s all go in the Woods house. I feel sorry for our neighbours at times, thankfully the walls are pretty solid. It’s also been a blessing that the weather has improved. At least we can wear them out at the park now.

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