A couple of months ago thanks to a loving nudge by my wife I finally got a sleep test done. Reason being I stop breathing in my sleep.

It happens frequently throughout the night and as a result I am never getting a full rest. I was falling asleep at work and couldn’t go a day without a few hours extra nap time.

It also meant I was jolting about all night, gasping for air and snoring badly. I spent more time sleeping on the sofa than I did in my own bed.

The sleep study showed positive for obstructive sleep apnea. The treatment being a CPAP unit. A mask that pumps oxygen into my airways, keeping them open and thus allow me to get a decent night’s kip.

My CPAP machine

Thankfully the CPAP has worked and almost instantly I felt the results of a good night’s sleep. It has taken some getting used to, wearing an oxygen mask to bed but it’s been worth the adjustment.

I no longer fall asleep at work and rarely nap during the day. And the biggest benefit from my point of view is that my chronic pain condition has become easier to mentally manage.

I’m glad my wife encouraged me to seek help, although now she has to sleep next to Darth Vader but that’s just a minor thing.

It’s a good look. May catch on.

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