The girls are currently going through the Frozen film stage. The song ‘let it go’ is once again blasting through our house as it once did with Frankie not so many years ago.

It’s got me thinking about my journey and what I have had to let go of to be able to move forward. From toxic relationships to addictions. I’ve had to shred a lot of what was keeping me sick and holding me back in life.

Recovering from alcoholism brought about the biggest changes in my life. It wasn’t just that I gave up drinking but I needed to improve in every area of my life to stay sober. My perception of the world was seen through the eyes of resentment. To get, and remain sober I had to be willing to let go of my resentments past and present.

Fear was also a driving force in my life. I had built a wall around myself to protect myself from the outside world. I used to panic when the mail came through the door and couldn’t socialize without the comfort of alcohol. I had caused a lot of damage in my past and feared I would continue to hurt people who got close. In truth I feared people.

If I was to overcome my fear I had to begin to live by faith, to trust in the process of being willing to let go of my fears. By letting go of resentment and fears I found a new footing and courage in life.

I also had to let go of toxic relationships and my controlling nature. I was co dependent and had a need to fix others which was insane as I couldn’t fix myself. It was always a selfish reason to get in a relationship. I thought that if I could fix someone troubled I would get the recognition I deserved. It makes me cringe to think how sick I was.

Letting go of my need to fix other’s I found a new freedom. I was finally able to go into a relationship with no other motive than to bring to the table and make another’s life easier.

I could go on about the many situations where letting go has been so pivotal to my approach to life but I’m sure you get the point.

If you have things you need to let go of but don’t know how. Here’s a link to a free meditation exercise that is all about letting go.

I better get back to the Frozen movie now. The girl’s are clambering on me and it’s getting hard to write.

So let go of what is holding you back and face life with a new courage. You’ll be glad you did.

Non-Contemplative Meditation™

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