It is completely possible to overcome fear and anxiety without wilful effort. All it takes is a willingness to meditate. Nothing more is needed.

Anxiety is just a warning sign that there is a problem under the surface. That problem is unrecognized resentment energy. Collected from stressful encounters in the stream of life. We get lost under the spell of negative thinking and emotions that rise as a result. Life can become unmanageable.

I was 16 when my hair began falling out because of stress. At the time I had left a fragmented home with a father with addiction problems and I ended up homeless. I was full of resentment and had already established a drinking problem. I had only just began experiencing the physical symptoms of stress. I would become a lot worse over the years to the point i was hospitalized on a psychiatric ward in my late teens. And then went on to become a full blown alcoholic.

I know what it is to live under the screws of anxiety and depression. But I have also experienced a complete freedom from it. All it took was a willingness to commit to a simple daily meditation practice.

There is no chanting, nothing to buy (it’s completely free), nothing to learn and no one to follow. It’s a very personal affair that everyone has a different experience with. It is a spiritual practice that induces a spiritual awakening. Bringing the practitioner to a new state of conscious awareness. Where the ability to observe rising anger and fear without becoming overwhelmed is possible. To observe thoughts objectively.

No one can shut their thinking off. You may be able to temporarily distract from it but that would mean further suppression. Instead we can learn to step back from the stream of thought and simply observe what we see without being emotionally affected.

The state of mind the meditation brings you to is what some call the 4th dimension of existence. When meditating the body fills with light and literally expels the darkness/fear. As a result of this spiritual detox and continuous practice anxiety falls away without effort. It’s an experience that changes everything to a person’s life and outlook.

Here’s the link if you are open to a new way of overcoming anxiety and stress. You may have anger problems. This meditation is incredibly effective for those struggling with resentments, past and present.

You’ll be glad you discovered it as i was 7 years ago.

Non-Contemplative Meditation™


  1. I needed to read this today. I am trying to turn my anxieties, fear and negativity around. Fear is the hardest past, as it has ruled my life since abuse in my childhood. Thank you for your post of encouragement!

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    1. Try the free meditation exercise. Don’t struggle with the fear. Be still and allow it to pass. I too had mental health conflicts as a result of childhood abuse. Nothing has contributed more to my wellbeing than this meditation exercise

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