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Triplets – does it really get easier ?

There are rumours that that the older the kids get, the easier life gets.

I’d like to clear that up once and for all. Does it get easier? – in my experience, no it doesn’t. It just changes as new challenges arise.

Don’t get me wrong, toddlers are great fun but they can still test our patience to the max. Throw a hormonal teenager into the mix and we are up against it daily. It’s still exhausting. Some days are longer than others but Stacey and I work together to bring calm and patience into each day.

They are at an age now where everything is new and exciting. They’re talking has come on leaps and bounds and it’s easier to communicate with them which less stressful for all of us. They are also learning new tricks every day. For example Blakely can now cross her eyes. She loves it and does it all the time. She is still the one to play on her own, she can be a little destructive and impatient when she plays with her sisters.

The girls got skills

Ava is still the boss and now mother hen to the other two. She is definitely in charge out of the three of them. She’s a little goody two shoes and often grasses the other two up if they are being naughty. She developing a strong sense of right and wrong and it’s lovely to see. She is still the most helpful and the best at doing what she’s told

The Boss

Lacey is a little monkey. She enjoys winding her sister’s up but also has a very sweet side. She isn’t the best at doing what she’s told but gets there eventually. Lacey and Ava are usually the ones playing together although all three love charging about the house after dinner, screaming and going wild. Lacey is still the one who enjoys drawing and colouring the most. They all love dancing and singing.

Lacey lou lah. The little monkey

It still amazes me how different they are yet they have little traits they all share.

Frankie is now 13 going on 21. All she’s interested in is make-up and doing her hair. She has little patience with her sisters who do tend to gang up on her. Regularly the triplets can be heard telling Frankie to get in the naughty corner. They wind her up all the time which isn’t difficult at the moment, it is probably why she spends so much time in her room. If I had the chance I’d probably hide from them too. They are a force to be reckoned with at times.

Hair and makeup, the girls love when Frankie makes time for them

It’s hard work dealing with so many different personalities under one roof. It’s the toughest gig of the my life but the most rewarding. All in all I think Stacey and I manage well. Meditation keeps us out of arguments and we tend to deal with new problems together.

Stacey is at the moment training to be a breastfeeding support worker. A topic she loves and knows well. It is an outlet for her. Something to outside of home life and I’m incredibly proud of all the work she has put in over the last few months.

Every day brings new challenges and will continue to do so. Parenthood is tough going and the temptation to resent our situation is very real. I can understand why so many struggle with multiples. We are blessed but boy are we tested.

A weight to carry

2 responses to “Triplets – does it really get easier ?”

  1. You Will really miss them when They go to university. If life is ever normal again

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  2. I once wrote a blog post saying the phrase “it gets easier” should be banned. I only have two kids so I suspect you can relate to that phrase more than me! I do feel for your 13 year old. Must be tough having three little ones ganing up on you but as they get older, I bet they’ll begin to hero worship their big sis. Good luck Si, good luck!

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