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Stress, stress and more stress

It’s inevitable – it keeps coming day after day, hour after hour. How we respond to stress is the difference between strengthening from it, or getting ground down by it

If we respond with fear, judgement, irritation and annoyance we fall prey to the force of resentment. It infects us in each stressful moment. And it’s easier to suppress it and get on with your day, unless you find a healthy way to face it.

It may be only little events that piss us off. Perhaps the kids are playing up, maybe you get a bill that you weren’t expecting and haven’t budgeted for. With each emotional response we can either meet the pressures of life with grace, or we just stumble along being battered by events beyond our control.

Stress is inevitable

I used to live that way. In an over emotional state unable to mentally handle the pressures of the day. It was like living in a whirlpool of over thinking, over analysing every event that didn’t go the way I wanted it to. And it was a futile way exist because life is full of the unexpected.

I needed to find a way to deal with stress, without being constantly overwhelmed. The main problem was my overthinking. My mind never shut off. It was a cesspool of negative thoughts and memories that I had to deal with before I even began to face the day. I would wake up to worry and somehow muddle through the day hoping that nothing went wrong. And it did – continually.

There is a way to seperate from thoughts and become objective to them. It’s done through an incredibly simple free meditation practice. It is a way to live in the moment, free from emotional entanglement.

When we deal with life without all the overthinking, from a place of conscious awareness absolutely everything changes. We begin to face life with courage, reborn and ready to deal with anything life throws at us. Responding with grace, patience and tolerance.

Chilled toddlers – sometimes

We live in stressful times but that doesn’t mean we have to live emotionally affected by the events in the world right now.

The link to the free meditation exercise is at the bottom of this linked blog post.

2 responses to “Stress, stress and more stress”

  1. Interesting Mr Wood. I’ve been tinkering around the edges with meditation for a little while now and I think it works. With three triplets, I can but imagine how stressful your life gets at times. Look after yourself.

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    1. Thank you. I’ve found nothing more beneficial to my wellbeing than meditation


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