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Freedom from anger in the stream of life

The biggest killer in the world is heart disease, the main contributing factor is stress.

Jealousy, bitterness, petty irritations, anxiety, anger and rage are all evidence that something dark has infiltrated your psyche. Resentment has taken a hold on your life. It makes life a trial that becomes ever more difficult to navigate without being constantly knocked back by stressful events.

From dealing with the pressures of lockdown to the stresses of home schooling the kids, these stresses if not faced with grace will collect and create more problems in the way you approach and deal with life.

Anger isn’t a healthy emotion to be managed. It is a dark force that we must be freed from if we are to live long and healthy lives. Discovering this truth marks the beginning of a path to Freedom. It is possible to become free from the negative emotional charge of resentment. You don’t have to believe me. If you meditate a certain way you will have your own experience.

Through our emotions, fed by our thinking we learn unhealthy ways to cope with the negativity we experience in the stream of life. We use food, sex, relationships or anything that feels good and distracts us from the conflicts within ourselves.

Getting free from the resentment energy we have collected over the years is incredibly simple. If you imagine a vessel filled with darkness, if you were to fill it with light the darkness would leave. Light would replace it. If you meditate without contemplation, without distractions or focusing on breathing, just by being still you can access light. A spiritual light, a force of love that expels darkness/resentment.

Within a few days you will firstly become aware of the negativity within you. It may get louder. Don’t let this frighten you. Have a little faith and soon it will pass without any effort on your behalf. You will soon realise that a supernatural force of love has done for you what seemed impossible.

No meditation is a toy. And this is a very powerful awakening exercise. So if you are struggling with negativity, overthinking, or any type of emotional disturbance I will leave the link here. It’s at the bottom of this blog post. It’s free, there’s nothing to buy or learn. It is simply a way to become free from resentment and live consciously without the constant emotional struggles.

God bless x

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