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A positive pain post

It’s been a while since I have shared about my Central pain syndrome. And it feels good to be able to write a positive post about it.

The medications I started on last October have finally kicked in. I have of late experienced much lower pain levels. Mentally I also feel much clearer. I put much of my current health down to the meditation exercise I practice.

Last year I struggled with the pain. To the point of deppresion. Getting lost in self pity my relationship with Stacey was becoming affected by it. We already have enough to deal with having a teenager in the house and triplet toddlers.

There’s little time to rest at home

The main problem looking back is that I was grappling with fear and resentment. I began to get overwhelmed with the fact that I was in so much pain. I resented that I was suffering, the stress of which only amped up the pain. I also began to get dragged into fear of how much the CPS had changed my life, and what the future would look like for me.

Another of my problems was tiredness and exhaustion. I have recently had a sleep study done and have been diagnosed with a sleep apnea. No-one can function well with out solid sleep, and due to my condition I wasn’t getting sufficient rest. Dealing with the situation I am in at home on top of it, it was no wonder I was wrestling with myself to remain conscious and free from negative emotions.

I am picking up a breathing unit from the sleep study clinic. It means I will have to wear an oxygen mask to bed. And with proper, sound and solid sleep my days will be much easier to handle. It also means that I will be able to manage my CPS better.

So it would seem like things are going well. I am also now clear of the Coronavirus which is another positive. It’s a good start to the year in many ways. Let’s hope it continues. And I’m praying that my CPS is going to remain easier to navigate around. It means I cannot get complacent with it, but I am determined to not let it control me anymore.

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