I get pulled up occasionally as to why I always respond to other’s emotional problems with a link to the free meditation exercise.

Simply put it is because it is there they will discover an answer to their problems. Not through me or any advice I can give. I share of myself on my blog. I am very open about my experiences and how I deal with them by practicing conscious awareness. Via meditation.

People can be suspicious, as if I am directing to promote some kind of money making scheme. The truth is that apart from my book (I’m self published and add a link to my book for those who may feel they could benefit from my experience). My blog is a non profit one. In fact I pay to not have advertisements. This blog costs me money to run. But I’m not complaining. I receive more messages of thanks then I do suspicious complaints.

The link is to a friends meditation that he passes on freely. There’s no books to buy or guru to follow. It is a a way to deal with the pressures of parenthood which is why I feel it is so important to make available for those struggling.

So next time you see a link to the meditation, remember that for someone it is a life saving proposition. One that as a recovered alcoholic with a history of mental health conflicts has changed my life and continues to do so.


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