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Lockdown blues

Once again here in the UK we are now in another lockdown. The only blessing was that the triplets nursery was staying open. Now even those are closing, open for only childern of key workers.

In the lockdown of last March I got furloughed from work. This made home life a lot easier as I was free to stay at home and help deal with the triplets and Frankie who was home schooling. It was still a test of patience but at least the two of us was sharing the load.

Stacey carrying the load

Unfortunately this time around I’m back at work and Stacey will be dealing with the triplets alone for a big part of the day. It is a stressful situation to be forced into. I feel for her, the trio are at a hectic stage of their development and demand constant attention.

It’s going to be a trying time for her, I will of course be pulling my weight when I am home from work, taking over so that Stacey gets a break.

It would be easy to feel overwhelmed in the weeks to come. Keeping the troops entertained in lockdown isn’t easy. I will be staying on top of my meditation exercise to help me deal with the temptation to resent. No one likes being forced into a situation, especially one that brings so much stress.

So please spare a thought for all the parents who are at home dealing with kids this lockdown. And spare a thought for Stacey’s sanity. It’s going to be a tough ride for her.

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  1. Ben - (Founder, Quintessential Dad) Avatar
    Ben – (Founder, Quintessential Dad)

    Hang in there guys! I feel for you.

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