love – Patience – Tolerance

Fatherhood and changes

Living without expectations is a good start on this road of fatherhood.

Many times when the road is smooth I have began to relax in that groove. I begin to get that foolish feeling that it’s going to be plane sailing, which is easy to imagine when the girls are well behaved and they are playing well.

It’s not all fighting

But situations change by the day and by the hour. And what I expect them to be like from one minute to another can go out of the window kicking and screaming without warning. They have short fuses as all toddlers do if things are not going their way.

Children fight. They get frustrated with each other and can lose their cool in a heartbeat, regardless of how calm I am in dealing with them. Therefore it’s even more important that I stay calm in those moments. The more I deal with them from a place of patience the more they are learning how to behave from me.

We are also dealing with a teenager now. Frankie changed overnight when she began high school. It has been hard for me to adjust to my new daughter who is now dealing with peer pressure and teenage issues. Once again I have to stay free from my fears and concerns around her and allow her to find her own feet. Reminding myself that I was a teenager once (God help us).

She’s growing up too fast

Our relationship has changed greatly and once again I find myself questioning my every step with her. She has definitely drawn closer to mum and its now my job to be patient and tolerant and remain consistent with her. I’ve said it before and it bares repeating. I am the man that she will judge all other men by. It’s a big responsibility however you cut it.

So there are constant changes occurring under my roof. The best I can do is continue to practice the principles of love and tolerance. And be a calm referee amongst the tantrums and strops of which seem endless.

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