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A time for forgivness – but how?

(A Christmas post from a couple of years ago)

Christmas is a time for family, for giving in a spirit of love. No matter what you do or don’t believe. We all share in the joy of this time of year in our own way.

For many it’s a time for forgiveness. Of those who have wronged or harmed us, yet for most the ability to forgive has been lost. Exactly how do we forgive the people in our lives that seem to create conflict in us? those who drive us to react with bitterness and judgment for the injustices they cause.

To forgive is simply to give up anger. To not hate. Yet it’s easier said than done when the emotional negative pull of the memories of yesterday or even the events of thirty years ago still have the power to upset us. As the thoughts arise – so does the anger. We seem tied to our resentments through our thinking. And it is exactly how we remain attached to the negativity.

As long as those negative thoughts have the power to affect us emotionally, we will never have the freedom to forgive – because we cannot let go.

It took me a long time to discover a way to overcome the judgments, the anger and depression my thinking created. And whilst trapped in my own thinking I could never know peace, never know love or be of real use to those around me. I was a prisoner of my own mind. And hard as I tried to forgive and forget, something deep inside me wouldn’t allow me to. As the constant judgment and anger I felt towards others grew and turned inwards – so my depression took a stronger hold.

The problem was my thinking. It was simple. I needed to find a way to observe the relentless rising negative thoughts in my head without becoming attached and ovwewhelmed by them. To separate from them.

To be able to observe them from a neutral position. From a place of consciousness. It is also in that place of neutrality we become connected to a natural intuition. Free from emotion and free to act without anger and fear. To act with courage and grace. The ability to forgive exists only in the present moment. When we are connected to a supernatural force of love. It is real and available to everyone, no matter who you are or what you believe.

There is a saying that light can overcome darkness. It is more than just a metaphor. And if you are willing to sit still for 12 minutes twice a day. You will have your own experience with a very special conscious awareness that holds the key to all of your problems.

This is not a sales pitch, it is a very powerful awakening exercise. And only you will know if you are ready to begin. If you do, welcome to the fourth dimension of existence. And welcome back to the lost conciousness you were born with.

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