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Covid-19 – my last post of the year

In my last post I shared that my wife had contracted Covid-19. So I took a test and discovered I also had coronavirus.

I showed no tell tale symptoms until a couple of days ago when I felt dizzy standing and lost my sense of smell and taste. Which I can report is a weird symptom.

The dog also seems fine, he is justt itching for a walk

I may well have been affected by aches and pains but with Central pain syndrome it is difficult to tell. I also suffer from fatigue, another symptom my wife displayed.

It’s a bizzare ending of a difficult year.

Thankfully the triplets and Frankie have shown no signs of the illness. They are their usual selves. And we have been lucky enough to have friends and family dropping shopping off to us. We are truly grateful for the support.

I will be making this the last post of the year. I will be taking a break from all social media over the holidays. I feel like I need a break with everything that is going on.

So from my infected house to yours I hope you can make this a good Christmas, no matter what is going on with the new restrictions in place. It’s going to be a difficult year for many of you and I Hope you can still find some joy in the meaning of this time of year.

I will be back in the new year, which will hopefully bring better luck into our lives.

So love from all of us. And thanks for following my blog.

Si x

6 responses to “Covid-19 – my last post of the year”

  1. Have the best Christmas you can in these difficult times. I hope you and Stacey recover soon. Love to you all.

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    1. And a merry Christmas to you


  2. Stay safe hope you all feel better soon God bless
    Lpve Baggy xxxc


    1. Have a good Christmas yourself x


  3. Oh no! I hope you get better soon đź’•
    Enjoy Christmas as much as you can!

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    1. Thank you. And a merry Christmas to you

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