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The count down to Christmas

It’s the run up to Christmas and the girls are more than just a little bit excited this year.

Last year they were not yet aware of Christmas (or santa) but this year as three and half years old they are positively buzzing about the whole thing.

They know who Santa is now and have written their lists. Stacey has an app on her phone which sends messages from him to the girl’s. They have currently all been on the naughty list but still have time to change that.

Little angels (almost)

They will also learn the true message of Christmas and the reason we celebrate the 25th of December.

We have already made a few trips to the garden centres who have put on big Christmas displays. They love seeing all the Christmas trees lit up and all the decorations.

Christmas will also mark the end of a bizzare and difficult year for all of us. We have done our best to deal with the lockdown periods and the changes to our lives with positivity. I’m sure we are all praying for a bit of normality to return.

Returning back to work has been a big step back to normality

I am also hopeful that next year will be a better year for my health. I have already started getting answers and will be starting treatment for sleep apnea in January. Not falling asleep all the time during the day (and at work) will give me a better chance at dealing with my pain condition. I’m looking forward to a restful night’s sleep.

So whatever you are doing at the moment I hope you have plans to make this Christmas a special one. To put the craziness of the year to one side and celebrate a time of love and forgiveness, family and friends. I hope you have a good one x

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