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Improving health

No doubt if you are a regular to my blog you will know that I haven’t been the luckiest man with my health over the last couple of years.

From chronic pain to cognitive problems i have suffered without an end in sight. It’s been a challenging time of patiently waiting for appointments and balancing out on medications.

Last week I did a sleep monitoring test at home with equipment from the sleep study clinic at my local hospital. Today I learned that I have a sleep apnea. A disorder where I stop breathing for a time then gasp out for air. I’m mostly unaware of it and it happens hundreds of times a night.

Stacey first mentioned it and advised I get it checked out. It means that I never get into a deep sleep to fully rest and recharge my brain. It has caused me horrendous fatigue and has left me unable to get through a day without sleeping. It could also be the cause of my cognitive and memory problems.

Treatment is with a CPAP unit. The type of breathing apparatus that hospitals are using for covid patients. I will have to wear one to bed and am told I will feel the benefits straight away.

For the first time in a while I feel hopeful that my health, mental and physical will improve now. My mental wellbeing is greatly affected by tiredness, it means that my pain will also be better managed.

So I’m thankful that Stacey got me to get it checked out. And soon il be sleeping like a baby.

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