7 years ago I met a man who offered me a new way to deal with the stresses and pressures of the day by way of a simple meditation practice.

There’s no getting away from the problems anger can cause under a roof. From minor irritations that create conflicts to all out fits of rage, anger in any form is a force that only serves to destroy relationships. At home and in the workplace

When I reached out for help all those years ago I was a year sober and living a good life, yet under the surface I felt anger constantly bubbling away. It was inescapable and I was doing my best to manage it and keep the lid on.

I was losing sleep with a racing mind that was forever settling old debts, raging at past resentments and everyone was walking on eggshells around me. In short- everyone was pissing me off.

I once did dialectical behavioral therapy for Borderline personality disorder. And it was there I was first introduced to meditation and the idea of having a teflon mind. Meaning that I could have the ability to allow thoughts to wash over me, leaving me unaffected. It was great in theory but I never seemed to be able to do it. Most of the meditation exercises I used were distraction techniques. The problem remained under the surface and I just got worse.

How different my life would be if I could live each day unaffected by my overactive mind and the emotions that spun out of my thinking.

When my new friend introduced me to a very different meditation exercise I remained sceptical. I was sure there was a catch, but he wanted nothing in return. He explained that all I had to do was to learn to observe my thoughts consciously. That non contemplative meditation would pull me out of the thinking mind and allow me to just watch what went on in my head without getting dragged into it.

It became clear very quickly that I had discovered the keys to the kingdom. All of a sudden my life changed drastically simply by being still in moments of emotional pressure and allowing resentment and fear to wash over me. This meditation became a life saver.

No longer was anger a problem as it was removed from me. I began to live by intuition rather a desperately seeking answers to my problems. It was also effortless. My relationships became easier to deal with and I had more energy from not tiring myself out with resentment.

Mindfulness it seemed was the solution. That light in the present moment can drive out any darkness.

I will leave a link here for anyone incase you think you may benefit. I know you will.


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