love – Patience – Tolerance


From the content of my last few blog posts you’ll be aware that the triplets are going through a trying stage of development. The terrible two’s have nothing on the irrational, bossy and naughty threes.

Plus we now have a teenager in the house so we are getting used to having a new daughter. One that is going through her own emotional upheavals as we try hard to keep up with her. It’s not easy.

I can only imagine that if we had one toddler to deal with the stress levels would be greatly reduced. All I know is that with three the chaos and pressure is amplified. But we are doing our best to stay on top of discipline and patience with them. After all it is only a phase. I hope.

They are full on which is all the more reason to remain conscious and aware of our own agitations and annoyance. As difficult as they can be they are still learning from us. From our reactions and behaviours. Non contemplative meditation how we remain awake to the stresses of daily life.

Stacey and I do well at keeping calm and giving each other breaks from them. They are realising more and more that bad behaviour towards each other and us is not tolerated. They are always made to apologise and hug it out when they do misbehave. Believe me, the naughty corner gets plenty of use in a day.

They are at a critical age where learning right from wrong is vital if they are to develop in a way that kindness is infinitely more important than fighting to get their own way. Love and the ability to tolerate each other is what will stand them in good stead as they grow up.

I learned from my own experience that living with an honest loving spirit is the only way to approach life. I want to raise my daughters with the same principles. And I hope I can instill some of what I have learned into them in their formative years.

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