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Let go

We all have the ability to forgive. To be free from anger. It doesn’t mean we have to approve of the events that created the emotional damage, it simply means the resentments no longer control us.

Letting go of anger is vital if we are to progress in this lifetime. And it’s not just the big resentments that we need to be free from, it’s also the smaller irritations that we need to be able to overcome on a daily basis. In that sense it’s not just the tigers that will get us, it’s also the bunnies that can take us out.

All negative reactions affect our ability to discern. They cloud our judgement which in turn affect the way we act and treat others; and ourselves. We have all experienced being pissed off about past events that we couldn’t control. Overthinking removes us from the present moment. Even getting angry about future events that may or may not happen can cause us to react with negativity. Fear is just as destructive.

I lived for a long time as an active alcoholic. I know full well the effects that hanging on to resentment cause. There are also negative physical affects from being unwilling to forgive others, justified or otherwise. We cannot live to our full potential when driven by anger.

So how do you let go?

If you could go all day without reacting to the small and big irritations, to be able to stay unaffected by the racing mind. Imagine how different your life would become.

No longer lost in overthinking you would live consciously in the present moment. The only place you ever need to be. If you were able to meet stress and the negativity in others with grace your life would change drastically. You would experience true freedom.

Meditation is a way to start practicing conscious awareness. By learning to observe what passes through the mind without getting dragged into negative thoughts and emotions. This exercise is for anyone with a stressful life. Or those suffering from anger and internal conflicts.

This is a life changing exercise and if practiced daily will free you from the negativity within. As the saying goes ‘light will overcome darkness’. It’s not just a metaphor, it is possible with this free meditation exercise.

There is link at the bottom of this blog post below. I share this a lot, and for good reason. Be still and let go of resentment. It’s that simple. There is no effort involved.

Make a change now and discover real freedo. No matter what your situation.

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