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My crazy little family

It’s 12.30am on a Monday morning and I can’t sleep. I’ve been having nightmares lately that were terrifying when I was a kid. Now I just need a cup of tea and a distraction so this is as good a time as any to write a blog post.

Lockdown has brought challenges to us all. The biggest problem we’ve had to deal with has been keeping them entertained, and in the times we have had to self isolate its been keeping them in that has caused the most drama. They are 3 and half and get bored easily. Little skirmishes to all out violence break out constantly unless we have something for them to do.

A princess picnic

Over the last 3 and a half years I have thankfully grown in patience, as has Stacey. It becomes a side effect of dealing with such a highly pressured situation. I no longer get overwhelmed by them which is an improvement on the early days of fatherhood when I was lost in sleep deprivation and trying to stay sane.

My friend, the Godfather to our triplets was out and about the other day and observed a couple with young triplets trying to get them into the car and get the buggys packed down in the wind and the rain. He said from watching them struggle he realised the stresses that must be involved just in getting out of the house. Trust me, everything is a planned operation.

He mentioned how stressed out the couple were and I felt for them. Stacey and I have gotten past the point of getting wound up with the girls. It’s not like they are intentionally trying to ruin our day’s with tantrums and fights, they are just finding their place with each other. I mean they can’t all be the boss!

I mention meditation a lot on my blog, and for good reason. I put my ability to keep my cool down it’s daily practice. Nothing has contributed more to the changes in me that have happened over the years. I just want to pass it on so other parents can experience a new way to deal with the stress of parenthood. It really is a life changing exercise. The link is over on the menu section of my blog.

Frankie, all grown up now

As we head into winter and in the middle of another lockdown it’s hard to guess what Is ahead. I’m grateful to have returned to work lately, a bit more stability and structure is always a good thing. As for the triplets we will continue to do our best to entertain them whatever happens.

And through it all I am proud of my crazy family. We are staying afloat through a tough year. And whatever else comes our way we will deal with it. With a little patience, tolerance and above all – love.

3 responses to “My crazy little family”

  1. Through Facebook and your blog it has been lovely to watch and hear how you both as a couple and the girls grow, especially this year that has been quite difficult for many.

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    1. Thank you Erika. I have really enjoyed documenting it and sharing our journey with others. The ups and the low spots in turn.


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