love – Patience – Tolerance

A fathers love

Dysfunction breeds dysfunction, and I strongly believe that for a child to grow in confidence and kindness a man needs to be a stable presence in the home.

A man who is distracted by negativity will only bring those negative emotions into his daily life. I know from my own experience the damage a father can cause to a family unit when he is lost in himself and his problems. And by problems I’m referring to emotional issues.

Childern especially pick up on negativity. It stresses them and creates fear. Barriers that come between a child and dad can be incredibly difficult to dismantle as time goes by. The outcome is strained relationships within a family.

There is a solution. The stresses of daily life, or even the stresses of past events that still plague a man can be overcome. A fathers love can change everything under his roof if he is willing to change for the better.

The answer to negative thinking and over emotional responses to life comes in the ability to observe one’s own mind. To watch without being affected by the thoughts and emotions that arise to distract from the present moment; the only place a man needs to be.

Through this simple meditation exercise, becoming conscious and free from the overthinking is possible. Men who have adopted non contemplative meditation have experienced massive upheavals and personal changes in the way they face the pressures of daily life.

Free from anger and fear you are left with intuition. A natural guiding system that is only available in the present moment. When practicing conscious awareness, outgoing love becomes the normal state. Patience and tolerance become a side effect of giving up the struggle with self. Overcoming personal problems comes easily and stress becomes a force that we sharpen from, instead of it grinding us down.

Be still. It can be practiced anytime, anywhere

If you have already used this non religious meditation you will be aware of how powerful it is. You will already be experiencing life in the 4th dimension. It really is a life changing exercise. Freedom from deppresion and anxiety are also possible by using this simple, free practice.

Practicing patience with your family changes everything. To be able to keep your head in the most stressful of events is to bring stability to any given situation.

I will leave the link here for anyone who is struggling with negative thoughts and emotions. If life is weighing on you I hope you can give a little free time to use this exercise and experience its power.

A father’s love is crucial to the wellbeing of his tribe. Don’t waist a second more in your struggles. The meditation will give you a new way to face the pressures of daily life.

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