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Beating the stress of lockdown

It was inevitable that we in the UK would end up in another lockdown. And with it comes more uncertainty and more stress.

No one likes forced changes to their lives. Many are left worrying for jobs and finances, and with it the mental pressures build to cause more problems affecting our health and wellbeing.

Dealing with the emotional strain is vital if we are to maintain stability under our roofs. Pressures that affect us in turn affect everyone in the family.

Children especially pick up on stress

Thankfully this time we don’t have to deal with our children being off school. But that too could change over the next few weeks. We are a country in the middle of a lot of uncertainty.

I will add a link to a free meditation exercise at the bottom of this post. It is a way to be able to seperate from negative thinking and emotions. If we can face stress consciously without being affected we are on top of half the battle.

Overthinking is a problem for many of us. It’s not easy to deal with home life while lost in negative thinking and fear. Meditation cannot change the situation, but it can change the way we face each day. Free from frustration and fear.

If you are finding yourself struggling with daily life in the bizzare times we are living in you may find this meditation to be just what you need. There is no religious affiliation, no guru to follow and nothing to buy. It’s completely free.

I hope you are all well and safe and if you are willing to give this meditation a chance, I know you will benefit from it.

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