love – Patience – Tolerance


Toddlers fight over the smallest things. They seem to be in a permanent battle at the moment, each taking it in turns to make the day as difficult as possible.

As much as we are on top of discipline they test us to the limits. It isn’t an easy phase they are going through. They play up regardless of consequences. It is times like this that having triplets is tough going. It can be mentally draining.

It would be easy to get caught up in the struggle with them by getting annoyed ourselves. Other than be consistent with the naughty corner we have to stay out of stress, as parents we need to bring a sense of calm to the mini riots that fire up throughout the day. Keeping a sense of humour is also crucial to staying sane ourselves.

I have personally found that getting annoyed only fans the flames when they are kicking off. It would be too easy to get pulled into a wilful struggle with them rather than staying out of anger myself and dealing with them from a place of consciousness.

Meditation keeps me out of the fight and able to deal with them without reacting to their irrational tantrums and screaming fits. Stacey and I both meditate which makes coping with this trying phase a little easier.

Being aware of irritation rising and being able to step back is a vital practice. Our patience with them is the difference between them calming down or adding fuel to the fire.

Thankfully they are at school three mornings a week. It gives us a decent, and much needed break from them.

Each new phase of their development brings it’s own set of challenges and the terrible threes isn’t an easy one to navigate.

So for now it’s working hard to keep the house calm. To teach them with loving discipline that fighting isn’t the way to deal with their frustrations.

Sometimes dealing with triplets is just hard. Really hard.

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