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A slice of normal

There’s no escaping the fact that lockdown has had it’s challenges, especially with raising the triplets and keeping them entertained.

Stacey has done a great job in finding thing’s to do. From finding arts and crafts to singing and dancing. For the most we have managed well as a family under testing conditions.

It’s been great having them start their new school. They love going and we love the time to ourselves after months of being under each other’s feet.

Free fun at the garden centre

I am also returning to work next month after being furloughed since March. The added financial strain has taken a toll on us as it has many others in these unprecedented times. Hence the change to my blog which will be back, advert free very soon.

My health has had no improvement and the fatigue has been difficult to get around. I am getting a sleep study done soon to see if I have sleep apnea. Any improvement to my exhaustion will improve my pain management. We are dealing with it as best we can with long waits between neurologist appointments.

Il sleep any chance I get

Meditation has kept me out of depression and kept me present in dealing with home life. Im sure I will get answers soon, until then there is no point in speculating. I just need to keep my focus on raising my family and managing my CPS.

I look forward to getting this blog back to what it was and getting back to some sort of normality with work.

The triplets are at a stage of development where they are falling out constantly. They wind each other up, fight and battle it out and it gets exhausting on a daily basis. We are on top of dealing with them with discipline. They are slowly realising that fighting is off the cards when they don’t get their own way. There are also times when they hug and love each other.

Little monkeys

I hop you are all well and safe. I understand that this is a difficult time for everyone. If you are struggling with depression or stress il add a link to the free meditation I use. My wife also finds it useful in dealing with home-life.

My book is also available on Amazon

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