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Mental health awareness week

It’s mental health awareness week. A time that serves as a reminder to me that life and personal struggles can become overwhelming at times. I have experienced depression myself over this last year due to the pressures I have faced with my health and with financial concerns.

It’s a time to raise awareness of the personal struggles we all face from time to time. Especially those with mental health disorders who are battling with life as well as raising children.

Men are less inclined to discuss their mental health, pride can get in the way of reaching out for help when the screws are turned. Depression and anxiety among fathers is more common than you may be aware.

We have a lot to deal with. Not to take anything away from the pressures a mother faces, but we also have our own issues to deal with whilst raising children.

It is our role to bring emotional stability to a home. To be a rock for a family as we tackle the ups and downs of life. And without a way to deal with stress we can become overwhelmed. We get lost in negative thinking and our over emotional state creates problems within our relationships at home.

If you are struggling with negativity, depression or anxiety I will leave a link to a free meditation exercise. You may be at a time when you have exhausted all other avenues of help and alcohol or drugs may have become your go to for relief. And you want to stop the ride you are currently on for the sake of yourself and your family.

This is a simple way to pull back from the stream of thoughts and to just observe the overthinking mind, without getting dragged into the whirlpool of thoughts that can overwhelm us and cause us to react. Sometimes with anger or out of fear.

If you can sit with this meditation you will discover that it is a life changing exercise. Incredibly simple and also free, with no ties or gurus to follow. It is a very personal affair, one I hope you find useful.

Please share this post. Someone may need it.

My book is also available on Amazon. It is my personal journey into fatherhood from a life of self destruction.

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