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Back to school

Firstly I hope you are all well and safe.

After a bizzare few months we are now getting ready for the girl’s to go back to school.

We managed to keep a structured routine in place for Frankie whilst she has been home. She has worked hard to keep up with the work provided by the school.


The triplets will be starting at their new school which is a minutes walk from our house. And with other children from our estate starting too they will make friends close to home which will great for them as they grow up.


We’ve done well to survive lockdown as a family through the added stresses and pressures that have been added to our lives. Stacey especially has been instrumental in keeping the triplets entertained. I’ve enjoyed taking them for walks and seeing the changes that come with the end of summer.


The trio are fully active now and for the most play well together. Blakely still gets left out at times her frustration shows. Lacey and Ava tend to stick together as they are ahead of Blakely in their development, not by much but enough that they make games together. Blakely has her own way of playing.


I will hopefully be returning to work in October, so with the triplets and Frankie at school Stacey and I will have some free time to ourselves for the first time since March. We have worked hard to keep our relationship afloat and to work together. It’s time we will make the most of.

So as we return to a bit of normality we run into my favourite time of the year. Autumn. Where the landscape changes and the leaves turn to burst into colour. We have much to look forward to this Autumn from birthdays to Halloween and the run up to Christmas.

It’s been a surreal year. Let’s hope it ends a little better than it began.

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