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Thank you

It’s been three years since I began this blog. I originally wanted to keep it a place of honesty and positivity. To share my experience as a new dad trying my best to raise a family under the principles of love and tolerance and to help others who may be struggling.

So much has happened looking back over those years. From publishing a book to having to deal with a chronic health condition. There are times life has been difficult which I know has reflected in some of my posts. Especially over the last year where deppresion has had a grip on me.

I feel now as though the clouds are clearing a little. I didn’t want to use my blog as a platform to complain but the truth is that I have struggled to remain conscious and present. This last year has been a real test on my mental health.

We dads have a lot to deal with, from providing for a family to bringing emotional stability under our roofs. I feel as though I have failed in these areas since central pain syndrome became a permanent condition in my life. I haven’t coped all that well.

It humbles me to admit I have been defeated by depression again. A black cloud that I thought had gone forever returned as I battled with my condition.

I have questioned whether or not to continue writing (I probably will for my sanity). The truth is that I will have highs and lows and at times I will wobble. With my health condition it’s unavoidable.

My focus is almost always on my role as a dad. It’s tough going at times and inspiration can be hard to find. It’s not always easy to write posts that are without complaint. Parenthood as I have discovered is a mixed bag of emotions and trials.

So whatever I decided to do I just want to thank you all for taking the time to share in my journey over the last few years . It’s been one hell of a ride so far

Si x

2 responses to “Thank you”

  1. Don’t worry about others. Be yourself.
    The people who might have anything to say won’t have been there when the nappies needed changing.
    We endured some shaky times. Nearly lost our home. ”Neighbours ”, and I use the term lightly, started a petition to get us moved out of the house we’re bought because the garden didn’t live up to their egos.
    We ended up with all four going to University, three of them getting very good Jobs and the other a really wonderful person in her own right.
    Raising a family is tough but for me the happiest time was when They we’re all at home.
    Much love to you all. You are doing an amazing job. It will get easier.

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  2. I am not very good with words but I think you will always do the best you can whatever life throws at you. At times life will be hard and times will be easier You have a beautiful family and wife.Hopefully the good will outweigh the bad.👌

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