love – Patience – Tolerance

Love is all that matters

When my wife fell pregnant with the triplets my purpose in life was cemented. To be a stable presence in my family and to grow in patience and tolerance.
The girls are three now and I still question if I am doing enough to contribute to their wellbeing.

Life has got tough over the last two years since being diagnosed with central pain syndrome. My patience has been shorter and my tolerance has been thin at times as I I deal with toddlers who are a law unto themselves.

I have buckled at times and given in to deppresion as I have had to give up full time work for a part time role. I guess I’m grateful to still have a job, and we have all felt the sting of Covid-19 and the pressures that has brought with it.

What I have learned as a relatively new dad is that dealing in the kids is easy. It’s the external pressures I have faced as a dad that has brought the difficulties but we are surviving as a family.

At home love patience and tolerance from me is the only real thing that matters to my daughters. It is those principles at the centre of my life that allow my family to thrive. And when practicing those principles everything else becomes easier to manage.

My job as dad has always been to bring emotional stability to under my roof. And I see from the confidence and kindness of my daughters that those principles are paying off.

At the end of the day, love is all that really matters at home.

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