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Fatherhood, meditation and growth

As I am discovering, this journey of fatherhood is a mix bag of emotions. There are times I am on the ball and time’s I struggle with the pressures. But through it all there has been one constant practice I have kept up. Meditation.

Dealing with the stresses involved with parenting has always been my top priority. The ability to stay out of anger that comes with non contemplative meditation is a vital ingredient in my life.

If you have followed this blog or read my book you will be aware of the problems I suffered in the past. From alcoholism to serious mental illness. Those experiences have been the driving force in my need to improve as a husband and father. My present and my future can be nothing like my past.

I had no idea that becoming a dad would bring such intense emotions with it. Since the accident I have had to deal with chronic nerve pain on top of parenting triplets and Frankie. I haven’t always lived up to the man I want to be, but there is always room to improve. My failings become lessons as long as I am willing to learn.

The free meditation exersise I practice is like no other. There are no mantras, no getting lost in thoughts or replacing negative thinking with positivity. There is only stillness and practicing observing my thoughts and negative emotions. Which some days are relentless as I try to stay afloat.

It takes a willingness and a commitment. And it has changed my life. I don’t believe there is a better way to improve and grow as a human with such responsibility.

Men need to be present in the lives of their children, and if you are struggling with negativity, deppresion, anxiety or just need something to help you deal with life in a different and more concious way, this meditation may be just what you have been looking for.

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