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The toddler triplets and the test of sanity

Three babies in one hit was never going to be a breeze. But Stacey and I have done well to work together to bring structure and stability to our home through each of their growing phases of development.

As a first timer doing the baby deal I have had my sanity tested on more than one occasion. Sleep deprivation was the biggest challenge to date, next to chronic pain. Having to function on two brain cells and keep a family together was no mean feat. How I didn’t crash my car or have some kind of accident at work was beyond me. I was literally a zombie for months.

I have managed to stay sane during lockdown but am now at a stretch of road that is getting increasingly difficult to navigate, the toddler stage is upon us and is in full swing.

The relentless routine is getting harder to mentally deal with as our completely irrational triplets barge scream and punch their way through the days.

It may be normal toddler behaviour but it is a new experience for the both of us. And although we are doing our best to keep them entertained and distracted sometimes it just gets overwhelming. They are testing our sanity on a daily basis.

TV gives us some time out

They have gotten increasingly more energetic and abrasive with each other since the switch to toddler beds. Potty training has also led to sleep regression and frustrating evening times that wears us both down. Some days it just gets tough.

As Stacey says, if we had only one toddler to deal with it would be a challenge in itself, we just happen to have three bouncing off each other which makes it seem a bigger problem than it is.

It’s not all bad though, they have their moments of calm. They just prefer to be loud and boisterous. Getting them out for walks helps their moods and keeps them entertained in between rounds. Taking them out for a drive also brings some momentary peace and quiet.

A drive and a lolly

I get that this is just a phase (I say that with fingers crossed), and that they will hopefully settle as their hormones calm down. But it’s a bumpy ride at the moment. A loud, tantrum filled ride that is testing both of our patience. Thank God for meditation – without it I have no idea how we would be coping!

2 responses to “The toddler triplets and the test of sanity”

  1. I have no idea how you both are managing. It’s an enormous task which would test anyone. You are doing brilliantly though and remember the school years will soon be upon you and you will get some time to regain your strength. I think you both are amazing!

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    1. Thank you. We’re trying hard not to wish the time away. It’s just a really difficult stage, it’s a good job we love them 🙂


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