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Diet and pain

Learning to live with chronic pain has forced me to seek better ways of managing it. Medications help me function but beyond that they do little to lower the pain of flare ups.

Over the last few months i had sunk into a depression from the frustration of having to live with chronic nerve pain. And in disappearance up my own backside, I was causing problems with my relationships at home. Something had to give.

It has been Stacey that has nudged me to becoming aware of the darkness i found myself lost in. Deppresion caused me to get bogged down in self pity around my situation. The further I sank the more I was removing myself from my duties as a husband and parent. It’s my job to bring stability to my home, instead I only brought problems.

Lately some big changes have occurred that have dragged me back to a better mental place. Which in turn makes the pain easier to tolerate.

As well as stepping up my meditation practice my wife suggested a 7 day juice only detox from sugar and carbs. And to follow it up with a healthy diet. This would also help keep the weight off that I had put on from taking medications and comfort eating over the last few months.

The results have surprised me. As well as losing a few pounds my mind has been clearer. I have also come off some of my medication that were causing me drowsiness. I have now got my medications right down in dosage.

I feel mentally alert which is making dealing with the pain more manageable, rather than being overwhelmed so easily.

I have added turmeric to my diet which is a natural anti inflammatory. All in all I have made a big life change which it seems is paying off.

I am responsible for my pain management. No one can help me alleviate the symptoms, that job is solely down to me. And the more I can do to make changes in the way I treat my pain the better my life becomes.

It’s a good feeling to have got back some control over my cps. Because for a while the monster was getting the better of me.

3 responses to “Diet and pain”

  1. What does a 7 day juice detox consist of? Just drinking juice and nothing else? I’m very interested in trying this.

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    1. We did the Jason Vale 7 lbs in 7 days diet.
      It was 5 juices a day and no solid food.
      It’s was hard work at times with detoxing from sugar and caffeine but worth it. The juices were made with pineapple, apples, beetroot, carrot, kale, berries and yogurt plus other fruits and veg like avocado.

      I can highly recommend it. It was just a case getting his book and following the recipes. You will also need a blender and a juicer


      1. Ok. Thanks a lot!!! 😀

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