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Potty training triplets – send prayers!

There are three words that can strike fear into the hearts of the toughest of dads and most confident of mums – potty training triplets!!!!

As you may well understand we have been reluctant about this big milestone in their development. We have only just cracked their transition into toddler beds which is a move that tested us both in the beginning.

Just the idea of potty training has boggled my mind. I hear one can be enough of a challenge so where to begin with three hectic toddlers was beyond me.

Thankfully Stacey has experience with potty training and has also been reading up on ways that will help us help the trio crack this big transition. Which in my mind was just going to be stressful, and literally a shitty time for us.

Ready to scrap the nappies

So here’s how it’s going so far.

We are currently on day three, and right now I wish I could just stay in bed and hide under the duvet for the remainder of the day. Our living room stinks of wee and the rug, sofa and carpets need replacing. Thankfully though it is Improving by the day.

To be fair it hasn’t actually been that bad, the hardest part has been that we are stuck in the living room all day, constantly watching them like hawks and encouraging them, and keeping them interested in a new way of doing things and staying calm and positive for them.

Ava and Lacey have cracked it now but still need watching, Blakely is a little behind and needs a little more encouragement than her sister’s.

Yesterday we introduced marshmallows as an insensitive which helped. The only problem with this has been that they have clocked that even the smallest of wee’s equals a reward which means they are pretty much glued to their potty’s now, and we are having to empty them every 5 minutes while remaining exited about it. It’s a real test of patience.

Thankfully it will be be less stressful as the day’s go by. At least I hope this will be the case.

Il keep you posted. Over and out from our smelly front room.

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