The triplets are doing well. They are developing into wilful little toe rags but this is the norm for their age. They are irrational, destructive, loving and kind. Three mixed bags of emotions.

They have tested us lately with the cot beds transition. But when we stuck to a simple and calm way without stressing them and us out. We have had better results. The three all have learned that bed time is for sleeping. Naughty corners and raised voices only aggravated the move and created more problems.

This milestone has brought a little sadness in that the babies that demanded our full attention and care are no more.

Gone are the late nights of insanity and sleep deprivation. The routines that became normal and tested our marriage as we adjusted to them at home.

Gone are the days I can pick two up for a daddy cuddle, they are now much bigger fully mobile and are a little forces of energy. Even Blakely has now grown to be more steady on her feet as she arrived at this hectic stage of development. I miss my babies, as strange as that may sound.

As crazy as it was, the insanity of early fatherhood became normal and introduced me to the reality of the commitment it takes. And also how much of our time and focus it was going to take to try and stay emotionally afloat as a husband and wife, dealing with such a remarkable situation.

I didn’t think becoming a dad was going to bring so many emotions out of me. If you peeled back a layer on me you would see anxieties, stress, concerns about the future and whether I am doing it right. But under the surface the love I feel for them is the real foundation. It outshines even the tougher of days.

The one sure thing under this roof is that we are in a momentum of constant change. The most important thing is that we roll with the new phases of their development, and deal with each new event with patience and tolerance. Which we will need an abundance of because potty training is up next now they have cracked bedtime.

I hope you are are all well and safe in these strange days. See you again soon x

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