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Spoke too soon

A couple of weeks ago I posted how smooth the transition was from cots to beds. All seemed well. I spoke way too soon!

It’s been a stressful challenge that has had us on the edge of sanity with our eyes twitching with onset madness some nights.

We tried several ways to keep them in their beds but all failed. We found ourselves every night watching the monitor and diving in and out of their room to get them back in bed. We got stressed out, they were not settling and it was eating into our quiet time.

Telling them off is pointless, because they just laugh at us. The naughty corner was becoming a game. We needed a new more peaceful tactic and Stacey discovered one that is passed on from Super Nanny. And it’s worked a treat – so far I might add, things can change fast with triplets.

This is the technique which has worked for our girls.

The first time they get up, one of us goes in and leads them all back to bed, speaking softly that it’s time for bed.

The second time we go in we speak with a bit more authority.

From then on we simply lead them back into bed, without speaking or making eye contact. When they realise they are not getting attention they stay in bed. It’s worked 3 nights in a row now.

We also read them stories separately beforehand. Frankie gets involved with this which is also good for her bonding with them.

The whole bedtime routine, done with out a raised voice or stress has worked a treat. We also have a reward chart. Every time they stay in bed they get a sticker. And if they get 7 stickers they get a little toy.

It seems we’ve cracked it. Thankfully.

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