Hiya guys. How is every one doing? I know I’ve been AWOL lately, but if I’m honest. I was struggling!! I was struggling with some anxiety, I haven’t had anxiety for a really long time. But seems this covid19 pandemic threw me through a loop. The not knowing, or in my case the knowing too much! I was watching every alert from the news channels and reading every post on facebook. I thought I was feeling ok about what was going on, but I wasnt. I started getting heart pulpitations and felt the panic rising in me.

After some gentle pointing in the direction from si I again began using the meditation he uses. I’ve jumped in and out of the meditation, which is definitely not the way to use it. But I must be honest it works. I’m back on track and my mind is much clearer now.

If you are having any difficulties with anxiety or fear surrounding covid19 then I would definitely say give the meditation a try. If not and your coping great. Well done you!

Any way, back to why I began Stacey’s corner. Keeping the kids occupied. I’ve got tons of ideas.

Over the easter holidays we enjoyed face paints, the girls loved this!! It was so much fun and the girls loved it. And so did me, si and frankie. Great fun. Get yourself a face paint kit if you haven’t already got one.

We also did a easter egg hunt, that was 45 mins well spent. The kids loved it. And it’s not just for easter, you can have a scavenger hunt any time of the year. We do.

Switch up the walk outside every day. Sometimes we take our bikes, sometimes the girls push pushchairs. We go dressed as bunnies and go on a bunny hop walk. (We did this at easter). Or dress up as fairies. Take the scavenger hunt outside. Give you little one a list of things they need to find while out.

With the learning I’ve tried to stick to a theme each week. So last week we did shapes and colours alternate each day. This week it’s numbers and the alphabet.

Yesterday we played an egg and spoon race, counting as they go to 10. They loved this do much we played it again today.

Today we fished for letters and we sang the alphabet song as we did it.

Yesterday we also filled 3 balloons with water and added glitter and a toy and put it in the freezer. Today we melted it with water and smashed with spoons to try to get the toy out of the ice.

Here a few things we’ve been getting up too. All of these have been a success and kept them entertained. I hope they work for your little ones.

Stay safe.

Love Stac. X

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