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Big girl beds – making the switch from cots

This is a massive milestone that deserves a post.

Last night the triplets spent their first night in their toddler beds. We have been holding out for the right time to make the transition and decided it was time to bite the bullet.

It was as expected for the first hour. They were out and playing about but we were quick to put an end to any shenanigans. The quicker they learn not to mess about at bedtime the better. Especially when it’s our time to relax.

And after an hour of silliness and visits to the naughty corner they snuggled down and slept straight through for 12 hours.

It’s hard to believe that they are no longer babies. I still call them the babies but in reality they are walking, almost talking toddlers, with fiery personalities.

Little Blakey has a roar

It’s not been easy to keep them isolated without them going stir crazy, and us for that matter. We have taking them for a walk in the mornings just to get some fresh air. They love a stroll, or ride around the estate.

Stacey has worked hard to find things to do to keep them occupied. But in all fairness they seem to be coping pretty well with being stuck in. Lacey often asks if we can go to Nonna’s house. Thankfully we have facetime so we can still stay in contact with family.

The triplets are really coming into their own now. Three very different toddlers who are developing into three very confident (and wilful) little girls. They are challenging at times but more so than not they are well behaved and play lovely together.

There was a time when they first came home that I wondered when it would end. Now I can’t believe it’s gone. We are now dealing with quite different personalities at a new stage of growth. I can’t believe how fast the times gone. If you are new to parenting dont wish the time away with your little one’s, enjoy it while it lasts.

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