So today’s be a busy day, the babies are still under the weather but they do seem better today than yesterday.

We finally managed to get round to doing leaf rubbing. It worked out good, it kept them busy for 30 mins any way.

Si started painting the fence and I cleaned the girls trampoline. They were very happy that was up and running. That was hours of fun!

20200323_113029Me and frankie went for a run for her p.e. lesson today. It was lovely to get out in the sunshine, and every one stuck to the social distances rules.


So a fun arts and crafts project I want to share with you that my girls love, is sticking. So I cut out shapes from card, christmas i cut out christmas trees and Angel’s. Valentine’s day I cut out hearts. For easter I’ll do eggs and bunnies.

Then I cut pieces of card into small pieces, all different shapes, sizes and colours. Then I give the girls a glue stick and let them stick the pieces onto the shape. Like a mosaic. They love it.

Tomorrow I think I’m going to do a scavenger hunt. Maybe I’ll get the water table out. More on this tomorrow.

Keep safe.

Stac. X

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