Hiya. So I didn’t do every thing I planned to do today. I went out this morning to the supermarket to get a few bits, and my mother in law a few bits and dropped them round to her.

We went for a lovely walk and took the trio’s tandem trike and for the spare baby a pushchair to push. We collected some leaves, and plan on doing some leaf rubbing.

We’ll do this tomorrow now as we ran out of time. All you need for this is; leaves, crayons, paper and baking paper or tracing paper. More on this tomorrow.

I spoke to an old friend today on a video call which was lovely, and I urge you all to do video calls with friends and family. It’s important to stay connected.

The girls had a lovely long nap today, leaving us time to sort the shed and do more sorting of the garden, for outside play.

I don’t have much to say on keeping the kiddies busy today as they pretty much entertained themselves today and the long nap helped. But if your having one of those days where bath time can’t come quick enough, (lord knows I’ve had plenty of those days). Get some glow sticks, they are so cheap off Amazon and fill your bath as normal and add a few sticks and turn off the lights. You can bath them EARLY and they can stay in longer playing. BONUS!

Any way guys, just a quick one today. Hope you had a good day.

Stay safe.

Stac. X

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