Hiya Guys. So how is every one getting on? The girls are still not back to normal after a nasty bug where blakely had diarrhea for 12 days and now Lacey and Ava have caught it.

Frankie though is still in good health and doing really well with the schedule we set her. Im thinking that perhaps im going to speak with Frankie’s friends mum’s and set up a conference call they can all do at some point during the day to save contact. I think it’s important they all stay connected.

Heres the hand and feet prints we did hung up in their room. Think they turned out pretty good.So today we decided to go to Ninesprings park and feed the ducks, the girls were very excited and we prepared some zip lock bags with potato and carrot peelings. The girls loved feeding them, although it was cold and windy the fresh air was welcome.

We did learn after we fed the ducks that there is a problem with rats and feeding ducks is not aloud at the moment. Oops. but its still a good idea to get out and go for walks.Also the cafe at ninesprings has removed all the table and chairs and has crosses on the floor, showing you were to stand for social distancing. Also they are only using disposable cups so we were able to get a hot chocolate and biscuit for the dog.Today we decided to clean all the summer garden toys and make the garden a useable place for the girls to go out and play. I cleaned their sand table and brought it into the kitchen. I ordered some kenetic sand from ebay which came today and they played with this for ages. Kenetic sand is perfect for indoor use as its not messy at all, it’s also not too expensive.If i want to keep the girls occupied for half hour or more while i get chores done, like clean and sort the garden. Then i’ll give them an upside collinder and some sticks. I use kerplunk sticks but you can use dry spagetti. And let them put them in the holes and watch them disappear into the collinder. Honestly, they love this!I wanted to tell you something i did with the girls for valentines; i cut 3 heart shaped wreaths and gave them strips of tissue paper which they screwed up in balls and stuck to the wreaths with a glue stick. I put holes in the top with a hole punch and threaded pipe cleaners to hang them. They turned out pretty well.If your arts and crafts box isnt as full as mine, there are loads of things to do where you dont need any props. The girls favourite is hide and seek. They also love it when i hide one of their favourite teddies and they have to find that. Turning all the lights out and having a disco with music and torches.

Singing is another of my girls favourite. Twinkle twinkle little star, wind the bobbin up, wheels on the bus, to name a few.Well hope this gives you some ideas.

Keep safe and talk tomorrow

Stac. x

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