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Pain and management

I’m not the best at dealing with cps. But regardless of a cause, and what the outcome of my neuropsychological assessment may be. I have the responsibility to do what I can to self manage my condition

I did a seven week pain management program with my local pain clinic late last year. It was as informative as it was helpful in finding new ways to manage life with cps and chronic pain.

A good diet is beneficial to keep weight down and be kind to the body. It’s not new news, that eating healthy and doing whatever we can to keep a level of fitness is beneficial to managing stress levels.

The main thread of the group was reducing stress and external pressures in order to keep the pain dialed down. And to keep the central nervous system from going into wind up. For me music is a big help, and good as a temporary distraction.

Meditation is heavily suggested. With already having a practice, to which there is a link on the home page menu of thid blog, I can agree that it is forefront In dealing with the frustrations and fears of living with such a punishing illness.

The group was also beneficial in that I got to meet with other sufferers. It was good to have the opportunity to find out how others cope from day to day. Cps can be a very isolating condition, one that comes with misunderstanding, resentment and suspicion from others who themselves are struggling to adjust to our challenges and forced changes.

Community is everything in being able to manage cps. Online forums can bring comfort from simply having others to relate to. If you are given the opportunity to speak with a psychologist to unravel past traumas that may be affecting stress levels now I would highly recommend it. It can also lead to accessing other avenues of support.

Rest and relaxation are big defences in keeping the pain dialled down. Short breaks throughout the day can mean getting through the day with out flare-ups. The less our nervous system is being pushed the better. But also being careful not to do too little. Seizing up isn’t helpful. There needs to be a balance.

If you are struggling with chronic pain I’d love to hear what helps you. And I hope you can make a start accessing all the help and information you can find. Because at the end of the day, only we can find what works.

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