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Get down with the sickness

For the last week, the triplets have been recovering from ear infections. Blakely has had a bad tummy and been to hospital with it. And just as we thought it was over, I walked into the triplets room to the stench of sick, and messy bedding from Ava and Lacey’s cots!! This house is officially under quarantine, never mind Covid-19.

Thankfully Frankie seemed okay , and Stacey and me are yet to be infected. She went to school with strict orders to wash hands regularly.

Here we go again

From isolating Ava with her new cough as from Saturday, just to be on the safe side with Covid-19 picking up pace, and Blakely still ill. Now they are all Ill, tired and grumpy.

We tend to forget how horrible it is when all three are down with a sickness. And especially now in dealing with the anticipation of catching whatever they have ourselves. It takes us back to the sickness of the norovirus of 2018. And that’s the last thing we need right now. That really was hell on earth!!

It hasn’t stopped them getting into adventures the minute our backs are turned though. like cracking open the sudocream tub and washing themselves in it. These are just added extra problems to deal with. Triplets can be chaotic. It’s like amplified energy when they are all sick.

As for us, we are managing okay. It becomes an operation of constant disinfecting, bribing them to drink, and staying on the ball to deal with the next problem.

Washing the smell of sick off in the kitchen sink, also saves trips upstairs to run the bath. And it’s a novelty for them so it’s a win win situation. The calmer they are – the better.

Get in the tub stinky

Thankfully it’s been quieter for the last hour, but won’t speak too soon. It could all literally go to shit in heartbeat. All we can do is batten down the hatches and wait for the storm to pass, with lots of disinfectant wipes and coffee. And prayers. We need lots of prayers!!!

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  1. I hope your household all get better soon.x

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