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A Neuropsychological Assessment – update

Welcome all.

As you may be aware there is a new corner of my blog, dedicated to my journey with central pain syndrome. If it is home life with triplets you are interested in; or the link to the meditation you will find them both in the menu bar on my home page.

This post is an update at where I am in regard to getting a diagnosis for the cognitive, and memory problems i am experiencing. Thankfully it was just a one off test. Because it was a tough experience for me.

I was also told at the assessment that from the results, I wll be forwarded on to the right services. The results of my test would be matched against the results of typical males my age. They also took into consideration my past of alcoholism and lifestyle, previous mental health diagnosis and my educational history. It would all help to paint a picture for them to work with once the assessment was done.

The testing, as I was warned was draining. My concentration is not good at the best of times. So, to be asked continual questions, designed to be quite difficult that took all of my attention and focus was tough going. My brain almost went into melt down on more than one occasion.

On one of the tests i was told two short stories, then asked questions about each one. I struggled to remember most of what I was asked afterwards. And it got even worse when an hour later she asked me to again to relay parts the stories to her, to which my response was confusion, my mind went blank. I honestly couldn’t remember being told any stories at all.

It was frustrating and my mind was overloading, but I did my best to remain calm and conscious of my rising agitation and give the test my best. The whole process took around four hours, three of which were the cognitive and memory testing. I did get a five-minute break and used that time to meditate and remain as calm and switched on as possible.

Life has to go on regardless

The original Doctor that Stacey and I spoke with, told me that the results would be ready by the 26th March, which is only a two week wait from now, she also said if need be she would refer me to the neurologist at the same hospital and would give me the results over the phone to save me travelling.

It was an important test which had to be done. It will take me a step closer to an answer. Because being in limbo with brain function issues has not been easy for any of us. I am as prepared for a diagnosis of MS, as i am for something more simple as brain function problems created by the pain.

But however this all turns out, I will always continue to do all I can to be a conscious loving parent. Because above it all I am a father, and rasising my family in a spirit of love is all that really matters.

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