I’ve just started high school and it’s a big step up from my small village primary school. Now I’m at high school I’ve started to have a lot of responsibility. I walk to and the bus stop every day and from my school I have to make sure I get on the right bus (as they all look exactly the same).

If your just starting high school my advise would be to get a good first impression. Also make sure you have the right equipment, and get ‘home learning’ (home work) in before, or on the day it’s due. Make sure to follow the rules and participate, but also school is there to communicate with friends at break and lunch and have fun!

Having triplets as younger sisters is a lot of work! But also it can be a lot of fun at the same time. One thing is, they seem to have never ending energy which at times can be a problem, especially when were tying to get them to sleep. But on the other hand it can be a huge amount of fun!

At the moment they seem to NOT do what there told, so we’ve put a system in place were if they dont do what there told when they’re told, they go in the forbidden naughty corner which for them is like a worst nightmare.

They dont like to do what I tell them to do and they do not behave when I look after them which is a problem, if I say anything they automatically shout “No Didi!” At me they have a thing for hitting me but asoon as they dont say sorry and I say “shall I get daddy?” They then say sorry which is good, because at least they respect the man of the house!

To help with the little chickens I do arts and crafts, we will do play dough or painting and they love it when the peppa pig stickers are shown, they start running round like headless chickens shouting “peppa pig peppa pig!” I have a dozen drawing on my wall that they have done for me. they’re gonna be the next bob Ross I’m certain!

Now they’re nearly 3 they are a lot different, I dont find them easier or harder, they’ve never been hard work, they had to have a lot of guidance but now there independent little people they like to do it all on there own.

I have an idea of what they will be when there older. Ava wood is going to have her own little coffee shop (she always makes the choc choc milk at night!) Little blakely is going to be an artist Lacey lou is going to be the next big singer!

Now my dad is in a lot of pain recently as I’m writing this he has already had his morning medication. The other day when we went to ‘the big house (Montecute House. A national trust house),’ he was in so much pain I had to go find him a wheel chair. it’s fair though as he had to push mum around for 7 months when she was pregnant!

I’m not sure what he has it’s all very confusing I remember the last thing the hospital thought he might have was MS, but I just hope he is alright!

I hope you like my little post from the big sister.