The triplets will be 3 this coming July. And they are spending more time than ever at play groups, as well as attending pre school twice a week.

You may have expected them to by now be mixing/playing with other children. We did. So it’s quite a surprise to us that they don’t. They may occasionally try making conversation with other kids their age, but for the most of it they stick together.

Activity time with Frankie

It’s definitely a case of gang activity wherever they go. Stuck together like adhesive, as they have done before they even entered the world.

They have little interest in what other kids are up to. They may stand and stare at other children who try to involve them at mother and baby groups, but they are most happy to stay in pack formation. There’s safety in numbers I guess.

Meeting of the board of the house management team

Part of this is because they are not yet saying clear words. I watched them in a play cafe this morning. The children of the same age will talk to them, but there’s a definite communication problem. Especially as the triplets have their own language.

Blakely is still happy to play on her own on occasion, whereas Ava and Lacey tend to get into mischief together. But if Blakely is approached by another kid, she just gives them a good stare until they disappear.

They are never far behind each other. Even at pre school. They stick together

They are a tight knit group. With a stronger bond than we could ever have imagined. It’s an amazing thing to have really. Even their big sister only gets to play on their terms. To think that they will always have each other is a beautiful gift.

And hopefully, soon, they will begin to let others dip a toe into their circle to play and have fun with. We will keep encouraging it. But for the moment they are just the triplets – One for all and all for one. And if you try and get involved, prepare to get stared down.