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A good reason to meditate.

Amongst the pressures of parenthood. Non contemplative meditation is the single most effective defense against negativity and over emotional outburst caused by suppressing stress. Whether you ‘bite your tongue’ in an argument – or had the worst day ever, and tell yourself wilfully ‘just to get on with life’. Struggling more with each new stressful event. Pressures causes problems.

Both of these are examples of stress being suppressed. The problem is it will cause anxiety. Begin affecting others around you. It’s becomes like fighting to keep one lid on two over flowing saucepans. Eventually you explode emotionally. Until the next set of events piss you off.

You can distract yourself from your inner conflicts with anything that means you dont have to feel so shitty. Alcohol works, TV works. Anything can become a distraction in that sense.

Or with Non contemplative meditation you could begin to practice siting still with thoughts, and simply ‘observing’ them while becoming free from them in the process – no matter how uncomfortable that may be.

Observe thinking consciously – because being pulled into thoughts is just crossing the bridge to anger, depression, anxiety, fear and all other emotions that will in turn affect our actions.

Living peacefully is possible. Here is the link

Non-Contemplative Meditation™

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