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Next month I have an appointment coming up that I’ve been waiting for since August last year.

It’s a neuropsychological assessment for brain injury/damage. I am in a strange place of limbo at the moment in that the professionals at the pain clinic are unsure what the next plan of action will be.

It’s become almost embarrassing how much my short term memory has begun affecting me in my every day activities. At home and at work. I can literally get lost in what I’m doing. As though I blank out and cannot figure out what I was doing. I have also had two similar episodes of dizziness and drowsiness that have landed me in A&E recently.

I am also struggling to find words. It’s like there is a problem from brain to speech. All the symptoms I am experiencing are pointing to a brain injury. And it’s all stemming from a whiplash injury in 2018. Something I saw as a minor event, is now having a major impact on my life.

There are other problems around auditory and visual hallucinations which are believed to be as a result of a neurological problem rather than a mental health issue.

Cups of tea are essential in pain management

The chances are the chronic pain is all tied in with the other neurological issues I am experiencing. Either that or it is all coincidental.

I already have a diagnosis of diffuse Central pain syndrome. A disorder that has a cause. I feel like I’m now getting closer to discovering and understanding what is happening with me. And from there, be able to access the right support and rehabilitation services.

Life has been incredibly challenging since the accident. And raising triplet toddlers brings its own set of challenges. I’m lucky to have the support of my wife in all of this. We have both been through the emotional wringer as a result of the forced changes in our lives.

But for now, as always it’s a day at a time. And hope of better days ahead.

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